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Kaspersky VPN REVIEW


Kaspersky VPN is a software VPN which was built by Kaspersky Lab. It is a UK based company, and “Eugene Kaspersky” is the founder and former chairman of the company. Therefore, the company also makes several other products, such as Kasper Sky Anti-virus.

It is one of the best VPN and is also included in the top ten VPN list. Hence, there are many advantages of using Kaspersky VPN.

Why Choose Kasper Sky VPN?

In order to select a VPN for long term usage, there are many criteria that a particular VPN should always fulfill. Hence, Kaspersky meets many criteria.

The first criterion for choosing Kaspersky VPN is the level of security which it offers. It is one of the reasons which declare it to be one of the best VPNs. It uses a strict standard of safety, giving less chance to hackers to steal any information of the user. Hence peer to peer connection also contributes to the security of the VPN client.

Being one of the best VPNs, they also don’t take advantage of their customers. Hence, their packages are also cheap as compared to other VPNs. Therefore, if I roughly provide an estimate of their prices, then their prices are not more than five dollars. Thus, it makes it easy for users to subscribe to their packages.

Kasper Sky VPN has a total of twenty servers operating from seventy different locations. Therefore, as a result, the speed of the servers because they never run out of bandwidth. Hence, an average median speed of two hundred Mbps is offered by the servers of Kasper Sky VPN.

Kasper Sky VPN has AES encryption. So the protocol makes sure that the information of the user is protected. Thus, it never gets exposed.

However, in the light of the facts stated above, Kasper Sky VPN fulfills many criteria. So, Kasper Sky VPN can be the best choice to be made by the users.

Best VPN for

Netflix, Hulu, and streaming online

Torrenting and downloading

Netflix, Hulu, and streaming online

Works On


Pros :

  • Most recommended VPN for US citizens
  • Allows streaming media from Netflix
  • Protects the identity when connected to public hotspot
  • Provides a user friendly environment
  • Doesn't disrupt the user experience
  • Auto update feature
  • Irrespective of the speed changes

Cons :

  • Lacks customer support
  • No kill switch




There are many features of Kasper Sky VPN. They are as follows:

  1. Kasper Sky VPN uses the same encryption system, which is used by the military. Hence, its size is One hundred and twenty-eight bits. Therefore, there is no chance for anyone to view any information.

Whenever your phone gets connected to a public hotspot, it always manages to notify the user without any delay. If a user auto assigns the client, then your phone

Prices and Plans:

Concerning the prices, Kasper Sky VPN offers some of the best packages. They have two types of plans free plans and premium plans. Free projects allow up to five hundred MBs of data usage. Hence, users can also use three hundred MBs of data without registration.

If users subscribe to the premium packages, they can have the best package for themselves. However, there is also no restriction of volume in their bags. Thus, their packaging costs about eight dollars per month. If someone subscribes to their yearly package, then it costs around fifty dollars per month.

kaspersky vpn pricing plane

Final Thoughts:

In my personal opinion, I’ll always recommend the use of Kasper Sky VPN because of the unique service given by their client. Thus, if you are regularly paying for the monthly subscription, then they never bother you. However, it is their best service, which attracts many customers.

Kasper Sky VPN also has a significant number of servers and useful protocols so they can quickly provide a better service. Therefore, due to their monthly and yearly fees, they never fail to give their customers what they need. The user also doesn’t need to use an Ad-block because he never experiences any ads when Kasper Sky is turned on.

Kasper Sky VPN allows access to many streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. Hence, the video plays in such a way that the user never faces any hurdles and troubles while using the service.

Sometimes, the user faces issues while streaming Netflix because of some technical problems or when a particular update is pending. Hence, it is recommended to keep your VPN client to the latest version so that there are no issues afterward.

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