Information regarding the founder and the time when a free VPN was initiated is unknown. But it is one of the best free VPNs ever made. It has limited servers, which is the prime reason for its high speed. Therefore, it is also that virtual network that has free plans.

However, it uses many protocols related to tunneling and security. Thus, these protocols include PPTP, IPSec, Open VPN, etc. All these protocols play their parts. If any of these protocols stop working correctly, then there are a lot of problems regarding connectivity.

Why Choose Free VPN.SE?

However, while selecting a VPN, many factors are taken into account. Here I’ll tell you some of the best facts for choosing Free VPN.se.

A VPN should be safe enough for the user to use. It should have high-level encryption so that it can protect the user information, accounts, passwords, etc. However, Free VPN ensures its security because it provides AES encryption to its users. Therefore, in this way, a user can always use his VPN client to be carefree.

Another reason for choosing a Free VPN is that subscribing to a premium bundle is not necessary. As the name suggests, the use of the VPN is free. Hence, a user doesn’t need to pay anything before using the VPN. Therefore, anyone, whether he is employed, unemployed, or can’t paying willingly, can easily use the services of this VPN.

If you’re a resident of France or Amsterdam, you don’t need to subscribe to any premium VPN package but you can use this specific VPN. Hence, in this way, users can save a lot of money. However, they have two available servers operating from many locations.

Free Vpn uses AES encryption protocol, so the information of the user is protected and never gets leaked in any way. Hence, if a VPN is safe from a security point of view, then users should never be hesitant to choose it. The same goes for this VPN.

Best VPN for

Netflix, Hulu, and streaming online

Torrenting and downloading

Netflix, Hulu, and streaming online

Works On


Pros :

  • Provides an average median rate of more than 100 Mbps.
  • Can be used for Windows and Android at the same time.
  • Uses AES encryption.
  • No log policy in their VPN servers
  • More suitable for Amsterdam and France residents.
  • Availing streaming platform services.
  • 1. Availing promotional offers on shopping sites.

Cons :

  • Free services can be fraudulent.
  • Cheaper plan results in limited connectivity.


Free VPN considers it their priority to keep the information of their clients as private as possible. However, with the use of AES encryption, it is impossible that the report of the user is unsafe. Yet, no one can know about the activity of the user. Hence, the use of a Free VPN is safe.

Another thing about Free VPN is that it doesn’t keep a record of the history of users. Their no log policy offers anonymity to their users. Therefore, the user can visit any page, whatever he likes. The VPN never keeps the record of anything which the user visits.


While discussing the features of this VPN client, it has many unique features.

  1. Free VPN doesn’t keep information and history of the users daily. It is because it is not required by the authorities from where the service operates. The client uses AES encryption. As a result, information of the user never gets released to miscellaneous people. It is the same encryption that is used by military professionals.
  2. However, Free Vpn also allows peer to peer connection. Therefore you will never receive federal warnings from government or your ISPs. Hence it makes you untraceable.
  3. It facilitates users with multi hopping ability. Therefore, it adds extra levels of security while assigning you a virtual location. Therefore, no one can know about your private session.
  4. Free VPN doesn’t restrict its users with a limited amount of bandwidth. Therefore, maximum available speeds are delivered to the users.

Prices and Plans:

As I’ve told earlier that Free Vpn is free. So, users can use their services without paying anything. They don’t need to purchase any particular plan or something to use their service. They offer unlimited volume, as well as infinite speed. Therefore, it also doesn’t have any bandwidth restrictions. You can use as much speed as your ISP allows.

Therefore, it is not always the case for a VPN. There are many other companies which are available in the market. They don’t provide free plans. However, many users use their services, but their services are paid. Thus, you can never get spanned in any way.

Final Thoughts:

In my personal opinion, I’ll never recommend the use of freeVPN.se. It is only because free services can never be trusted. However, for using a trusted service, you always have to pay for monthly services. Therefore, they never scam you regarding your information or personal data.

Free VPN also has a limited number of servers and protocols so they can never provide the dedicated service. Hence, it is better to use those VPNs which offer monthly or yearly packages. It also has a lot of advertisements that spoil the experience of the user.

Free VPN doesn’t have restrictions regarding any sites.Users can use the services of all the streaming platforms. It becomes possible in such a way that when a particular user turns Free VPN on, the user gets connected to a virtual location where all the blocked content is readily available. Thus, a user can easily stream using Free VPN from platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.

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